Mercero was born out of the realization that B2B deals were unnecessarily complex

We’re engineers at heart with backgrounds in enterprise software, B2B transactions, and integrated systems. We’ve worked for Microsoft, Workday, and RSM developing some of the best user experiences and knowledge management systems on the market. After years in the industry, we partnered to build PPE.Exchange —and brought the complex medical supply chain online. Today, we’re here to streamline transactions.

We fell in love with deal desks but noticed a problem

During our time in enterprise software and managing B2B transactions, we fell in love with deal management. Specifically, we found how vital that process is to forward-thinking organizations that are rapidly growing their sales team and want to proactively stay ahead of operational efficiency. Along the way, we recognized a pattern: deal management teams were facing unique challenges that weren’t being directly addressed by the market.

After hundreds of in-depth conversations with companies of all sizes —as well as our own experience launching and scaling our businesses —we realized there had to be a better way.

And that’s when Mercero was born.

We’re interested obsessed with partnering with deal desk teams and building software to make their lives better

Mercero was built from the ground up for deal management teams to solve an underlying issue: Most deal management systems underperform because of flaky tools and fragmented systems. It is not a deal enablement team responsibility to build the IT infrastructure to power their strategic role- they exist to build strategic business processes, not IT.

What the industry lacks is an out-of-the-box case management system built exclusively for deal management that's integrated across business units and into workflows.

At Mercero, we’re invested in partnering with deal desk and operations teams to understand your problems and build software to make work, business and life better.

Mercero transforms your organization’s performance, collaboration, and culture

Too many companies spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours attempting to develop internal systems and software solutions which unnecessarily become a distraction away from what they do best, growing their core business.

Instead, Mercero has done the heavy lifting for you. This means you get access to a case management system unlike any other —at a fraction of the price of doing it yourself. Today, our mission is to work with forward-thinking companies striving to modernize their business processes.

The future is here —join us.

Meet the team.

Alex Urbanski


Chad Wagner

Business Development

Jake Deichmann

Co-Founder & CEO

Russ Decker

Co-Founder & CTO