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automate workflows,
accelerate deals

Make closing deals more efficient with the first deal desk acceleration platform. Empower your workforce to execute deals from anywhere in the world.

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Structure profitable and compliant transactions, effortlessly.

Mercero is your deal desks command center, a next-level collaboration tool for closing contracts quickly and seamlessly. Mercero empowers your team to collaboratively define and automate a deal workflow, so everyone is aligned from proposal to close. Whether you're a Fortune 500 brand or an early-stage startup, Mercero makes an impact on your deal velocity.

Increase deal velocity

Mercero increases deal velocity by increasing collaboration and decreasing errors. Have your prospect signed? Paid? Is the discount approved? Did the customer have contract readlines? All these details get lost in email and chat apps. Mercero brings it in one place and displays the information clearly and efficiently.

Next level automation

Mercero is an end-to-end platform for executing deal closings. With Mercero, you prevent errors and ensure the accuracy of deal closing workflows through automation of manual aspects, like manually importing or creating documents, sending out e-mails and tracking progress. You can also enjoy having one place to find documents and fill in information during the whole process or just in time when you need it.

Part collaboration, part automation.


Center of truth

In todays world with a workforce spread across the globe, clear communication is essential, especially with high value transactions. Mercero allows your sales, legal and finance team to see up to date information on each deal. Automatic notifications and approvals lead to an efficient quote to cash process.

Amazingly integrated

Keeping all your data in sync and trigger automated worflows from your CRM or eCommerce deployement. We meet your reps right were they are, automatically creating transactions when certain triggers are met.

Automated Billing

When terms are agreed to, we automatically generate an invoice. The customer can pay with a card, by check or with our world class e-check solution. When payment is recieved we'll automatically update your CRM or eCommerce.

"PwC has seen successfully implemented deal desks significantly reduce sales cycle times (by up to 25–40%), improve customer experience, and enhance sales productivity (by up to 15–20%)"

Impact across teams


Ensure your sales team has access to the status of the deal in real time, whether the discount is pending approval, or the client is redlining the document, your reps can provide a superior buying experience with all the relevant information at their fingertips.   


Streamline the approval process. Structure deals that are best for you and your customer. With Mercero, your Finance and billing teams can focus on modeling and analytics. Mercero offers an automated billing solution with flexible payment options eliminating transaction fees and offering a wide variety of payment options to provide a better customer experience.


Keep your legal team on the inside of the sales cycles. With Mercero you can create your contract templates, set up your approvers and connect it to your redlining tools. Mercero Legal can communicate with your project management systems as well as your salesforce production CRM.

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