Use cases

Convert your challenges into competitive advantages

Taking Initiative

Our organization is starting a deal desk team, yet we feel overwhelmed with where to start, deciding if we should invest resources to build an in-house solution, or if we do pick a platform —making sure it’s a worthwhile investment with tangible ROI.

Implement structure

With Mercero, starting a deal desk is seamless and implements best practices out-of-the-box. We set up your infrastructure to intake critical data for optimizations down the line.

Simple integration

No need to train staff or reinvent the wheel as Mercero is plug and play.

Easily customize

Using Mercero’s intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard —creating deal request types is easy.

Scaling your deal process

Our company was quickly gaining traction and began facing bottlenecks closing deals. We were adding headcount to solve the problem but still had requests falling through the cracks, and no visibility on what was working and what wasn't.

Real-time deal feed

No need to constantly switch platforms or rely on email chains and chat logs —every detail is aggregated and summarized across platforms into Salesforce to give you all the data you need to manage requests at a glance.

Centralized Approvals

Quickly configure standard approvals from Salesforce or request flexible ad hoc approvals in Slack. Either way it’s all recorded back to Salesforce to create a history.

Understand your quote-to-cash process

Leverage out-of-the-box reporting on each stage of a request with metrics ranging from time taken to value added. Quickly identify what’s helping you versus what's working against you.

Optimizing your deal process

We have a large team with a significant amount of requests and people onboarding and offboarding frequently. It's critical we have full visibility across teams and integrate across business units and their systems for maximum efficiency.

Keep a pulse on daily activities

At a glance, you can measure the status of your team, the influence of deal management, and requests that are slowing down the pipeline. Mercero allows you to be proactive about request distribution with assignment features built for convenience and automation.

Unify your quote-to-cash tech stack

Integrate your CLM, CPQ, and Billing platforms for a seamless quote-to-cash process. Never leave any context behind on your requests and leverage bidirectional sync between tools.

Accelerated Onboarding and Enhanced Communication

Associate guidance for certain types of requests and show what the best deals look like so your team can move with confidence. Improve turnaround times and expectation management with SLAs between teams no matter what type of request it is.

Unified approvals and a living deal audit log

So you never have to sift through multiple platforms again.

Your business before Mercero

Routing requests, combing through communication channels, and making decisions without the entire context is no way to spend your time.

Your business after Mercero

Mercero unifys approvals, automates requests, and provides detailed reporting about your process while building a real time audit log for every deal.

Ready to transform your deal desk?

Take a look under the hood and explore the possibilities of what Mercero can do for you.

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