Can you relate?

My prospect just asked me for an update. Time to follow up with finance AGAIN!

Why is sending over an invoice taking so long? George wants to pay and get onboarded!

I want to request a 30% discount, but I'm not sure who needs to approve.

Hmm, I don't remember approving that 35% discount, can you send me a screenshot of the conversation?

There is still a mistake in the contract! It's the end of the month, I need this to close today!

Time is your most precious resource, stop wasting it.

Sales reps spend 65% of their time on non-selling related tasks. We fix that with better collaboration and next-level automation. We help you save time by:

  • Reducing manual effort from your sales rep.

  • Eliminating back and forth between teams

  • Using automation to reduce manual errors that hold up deals

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