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Whatever your process, a single pane of glass keeping you, your cross functional team and your customer on the same page has immediate ROI. 

Let's follow Julie, an account executive at the B2B tech company, Hooli. She is working with a customer who will commit to Hooli's solution if she can offer a 15% discount. Julie needs to get the discount approved.

Julie asks her manager for a discount. Her manager needs to escalate this to the VP of Sales. The VP of Sales reaches out to the VP of Finance, who requests additional information about the deal. They go back and forth a few times, and the VP of finance decides they can accommodate the 15% discount.


Julie creates a deal with a 15% discount. It's automatically escalated to the VP of finance for approval. The VP can analyze and approve in 30 seconds.

Time saved: 60 minutes

Now that the discount has been approved, Julie needs to finalize payment terms.

Julie sets up a meeting with her client to let them know the discount has been approved and to finalize payment terms. They are thrilled at the discount and would like to be billed quarterly. Julie's company typically bills monthly; this will require additional sign-off from the finance team. Julie sends them an email asking for approval. The finance team is a bit nervous because it is a new company but agrees.


The client requests their desired terms right in Mercero and it’s automatically kicked to finance for approvals. The finance team runs a credit check with the click of a button and confidently agrees to the quarterly billing.

Time saved: 60 minutes

Payment terms and pricing have been agreed too, now Julie needs to send the SLA contract to the client with the terms and discount reflected.

Julie reaches out to the legal team to have them draft a contract with the payment terms and the discount. The legal team must confirm these adjustments with the financial team so they send over an email to confirm. Once that is confirmed the legal team sends Julie a PDF to send to her client.


Mercero assesses the approvals ensuring the correct parties have signed off. Then a contract is prepopulated with the terms and pricing, and sent via Docusign to the client.

Time saved: 60 minutes

Finally the contract has been signed and returned, now an invoice must be sent and the first payment collected.

The billing department runs a report to see which invoices need to get sent out. The report picks up Julie's client. An accountant prepares an invoice to be sent, including wire information. The client would like to pay with a credit card; unfortunately, this is not supported by Julie's company. The customer figures out a way to deposit the funds.


An invoice is automatically sent with flexible and global payment options, allowing the customer to choose how they would like to pay. If they are late Mercero sends automated reminders.

Time saved: 60 minutes

Now the payment must be reconciled.

The billing department pulls another payment report and marks the invoice as paid, repeating these last 2 steps each quarter. They often don't bother to update the CRM with the customers payment status which can lead to many problems down the road.


Payment is automatically reconciled and your CRM is updated.

Time saved: 30 minutes

Can you afford to spend an extra 4 hours on every deal?

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