About Us

Back in April of 2020, our founders Jake Deichmann and Russ Decker began building PPE.Exchange. COVID 19 had broken the medical supply chains, and they saw a way for technology to help. Within months, PPE.Exchange had been written about across the nation and facilitated the purchasing and delivery of millions of masks, gowns, gloves, and more.

They quickly saw themselves running a highly trafficked marketplace, partnering with organizations across the US, and hiring a brilliant team. As a result, the team brought needed efficiency to the out-of-control PPE market.

In July of 2020, Russ left his job as a blockchain lead at RSM to pursue the project full-time. A few weeks later, Jake left Microsoft to do the same. The two continued to grow PPE.Exchange keeping in mind their end goal: to make it easier to do business on the internet.

Over the past year, Jake and Russ have built a fantastic team and helped to distribute over 30 million units of personal protective equipment across the nation. As the country begins to heal from the pandemic, we're excited to announce Mercero.

The team began PPE.Exchange to help with the pandemic, but discovered a massive opportunity along the way: B2B transactions are inefficient.  Mercero will attack this problem head-on.

The team has talked to hundreds of business owners, procurement officers, and executives to reimagine the way companies do business with one another. By bringing an outside perspective, we prepare our customers for the future while saving them hundreds to thousands of hours in low-value work. We're excited to continue our mission and work with forward-thinking companies striving to modernize their business processes.