A Deal Desk Platform that accelerates deal velocity.

Automated CRM updates? Check. Integrated billing? Check. But Mercero is much more than innovative features. We take a holistic approach to deal management from collaboration to billing automation to payment processing. Mercero solves your real problem—efficiently and predictably getting your deals across the finish line and hitting your goals quarter after quarter, year after year.

Purpose-built to make closing deals easy. You've gotten a prospect to commit. Why should it take an additional week to work out all the details? Mercero's Deal Desk platform programmatically connects your teams and their software — from email, CRM, Accounting and beyond—and turns it into a next generation business process.

The Details

Automated deal creation


When a quote is generated in your CRM, we'll grab all the data and create a deal in Mercero.


We can plug right into your eCommerce system. Enable customers to create large deals right at checkout.


Of course we allow you to create a deal directly in the Mercero platform!

One area for all approvals

Automated Discounts

We automated this according to preset thresholds. Over a 20% discount? We’ll notify your VP for approval.

Easy Payment Terms

Set up the payment terms you provide and automatically choose what's best based on the deal size.

Integrated Intelligence

Credit checks are integrated directly into our platform. Just click a button and get all the information you need.

Easy Compliance

Source of truth

Forget disjoined email chains and slack messages. Mercero keeps all the important details in one place.

Docusign Integration

We'll bring your Docusign templates into Mercero and automatically prefill them with all the deal's details.

Automated Signers

You let us know who needs to sign each deal and we'll make sure they sign it before anything moves forward.

The best billing platform ever

Automated Invoices

Because Mercero has the deal terms and amounts we automatically send your customer an invoice whether it's quarter after quarter or year after year.

Easy Payment Options

Use your favorite payment processor or one of our recommendations. We allow users to pay with all standard credit cards or by bank to save on fees.

Email Reminders

We send your customers nice email reminders when a payment is due. If a customer isn't paying on time we'll keep following up and flag the account.

We keep your data fresh

Deal closed

We'll automatically update your CRM or Ecommerce platform so your teams knows to move on with onboarding and fulfillment.

Payment past due

We make sure your finance team and account managers know when one of your customers isn't paying.

Two way sync

If something changes in Mercero we'll update your data. If you update on your end we'll update our data.

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