Jun 16, 2021

Your Sales Process Matters

Deal desks are gaining more exposure in the business-to-business transaction space. Clarity in the overall sales process has not been more integral than in today’s marketplace.

Henry Ford, a great American inventor, innovator, and industrial pioneer, knew that the process matters! Ford knew that efficiency matters most when it comes producing quality products. With his invention of the assembly line, Ford revolutionized the way the auto industry operated. Ford drastically increased factory efficiency and the production of automobiles. Decades later, cars are created and assembled much more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Overall, Ford was able to simplify the process while not diminishing the product, and in a similar light this is what Mercero is looking to do for the sales industry.

Deal desks are gaining more exposure in the business-to-business transaction space. Clarity in the overall sales process has not been more integral than in today’s marketplace. As companies transition to more and more online interactions, their processes need to do the same; however, most companies have lost sight of the “process” and are still using methods that are outdated to complete complex deals. With an urgent need to finetune these processes, and bring them into modern times, Deal desk software is the tool needed to increase a company’s efficiency in sales and revenue generation.

At the forefront of handling business in today’s market is efficiency. Companies are integrating E-Commerce into their sales and distribution process more today than ever before. For several companies, this transition has proven difficult, specifically when it comes to sales and transaction processes. Deal desks have helped companies mitigate issues in their sales process significantly across multiple departments. These issues range from misquoting companies, human error, lag time for approvals, product pricing, and much more. With a deal desk in place companies have seen increases in efficiency across the board.

Henry Ford’s assembly line reduced the production time of one automobile from 12 hours to 1 hour and 33 minutes. That is a significant decrease in time due to increased efficiency.  Mercero has the same ability when it comes to closing complex deals. Many companies are still spending weeks sending emails back and forth to get deals closed. The timelines involved with completing complex deals can be done within days rather than those weeks. Faster timelines mean that companies are seeing revenue generated more quickly as a result. The reason Mercero can do this is because it helps companies streamline and automate their sales process. Ford’s assembly line broke down the components of automobile manufacture, and a deal desk does the same for complex sales deals.

Henry Ford is once quoted as having said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into smaller jobs.” This certainly holds true in the instance of deal desks and how they work to streamline post sales processes. The assembly line took the bulk of the labor out of the hands of factory workers and relied on machines operated by those same workers. This in turn expedited the assembly process for automobiles. Deal desks consider multiple components within the sales and transaction process. Some of these components are deal compliance structuring, account management, contract management, business analytics pricing, and much more. Whatever components work best for your company, automating those components and using software like Mercero will help with efficiency. We will look more closely at these components in future blogs.

Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Mercero is helping companies do complex transactions differently with deal desk software.