Jun 28, 2021

Take the Chores out of Your Sales Process

Having steps in place to make certain that the deal moves along seamlessly is the best plan.

This week, as we promised, we will be looking into some components of deal desk setups. The focus of this week’s blog will be order processing and management. Raise your hand (virtually of course), if you had chores around your home growing up as a kid. Didn’t it feel good when you got the chore right the first time around? Rather than completing the task, only to have your parents say that the chore wasn’t done correctly. This results in having to redo the task or taking a new approach to the same task. Deal desk teams are making sure that tasks are handled properly the first time around or cleaning up any missteps in real time. This is part of the streamlined efficiency and timeline cutting that we discussed in our blog previously. Getting tasks done right on the first effort can impact the timeline for closing a deal immensely.

We can all agree that life was easier when we made and kept our parents happy. Especially, in those early preteen and teenage years. Completing chores led to things that we all wanted to do or allowance that we would love to make. Getting chores done right the first time typically played a big role in whether these things would happen or not. Within the deal desk setup, the outcomes companies are looking for are a great sales experience for potential customers and revenue generation. Getting things right like quotes, pricing, discounts, products, etc. are all important in achieving those intended outcomes. What the deal desk does for a company is it allows for corrections to be made more quickly. If a quote is incorrect the deal desk team can catch it and make the necessary correction using software like Mercero to do so immediately. The best part is there does not need to be a slew of emails or back and forth communication with the customer and other departments to achieve this.

Some steps a deal desk team might use to make any necessary corrections are: 1) Making sure quotes are built properly with the proper opportunity type and route to market 2) Review quote approval requirements are met 3) Review product order requirement 4) Check with the sales representative to determine whether there are any additional needs, especially if you see something seems oddly structured on the opportunity or quote, or if it is a complex deal.

Having steps in place to make certain that the deal moves along seamlessly is the best plan. Getting things right without presenting anything wrong is a best practice. Manual processes don’t allow companies to do this. The customer and other departments are generally aware of missteps in manual processes. With deal desk software like Mercero you take the “chores” out of your sales process.