Deal Desk Analyst, a Role Everyone Should Know About

Deal Desk teams are at work across the country transforming how complex deals are handled, the role at the crux of this transformation is the Deal Desk Analyst.

We have spent the last several weeks looking into deal desk and revenue operations. Over the next several weeks we are going to dig into some roles that impact these industries. The first role that we will look at is that of the deal desk analyst. This is an integral role to a deal desk team; this person acts as a trusted advisor to the sales team. The deal desk analyst works with sales teams on complex and non-standard deals, to get those deals moved along as seamlessly as possible. Let’s look at some details on what the deal desk analyst role entails and how it is becoming a role that many companies are looking to fill in today’s job market.

If you’re doing research on becoming a deal desk analyst it may pop into your mind, “why are companies paying a highly competitive salary for this role?”. As previously stated, this role is integral to the deal desk team and guiding sales teams through complex deals is a big part of the role’s importance. The deal desk analyst is a primary point of contact for all the departments involved in the completion of non-standard deals. These departments can vary from company to company but are typically comprised of sales, customer success, legal, renewals, product management, etc... These teams need the deal desk analyst’s guidance to navigate their role in the sales process. The deal desk analyst aligns these teams and makes certain that at every turn the focus is generating the most revenue. These teams control and oversee their overall process, but the deal desk analyst helps to fine tune everything as it moves through the pipeline. As stated in our previous blogs streamlining the process and team alignment are of highest importance when it comes to deal desk software and setups. The deal desk analyst is the key cog in making certain that those two things come to fruition.

As mentioned above the deal desk analyst role is typically compensated well across the nation, on average deal desk analysts are making a salary around $78,000 per year. The reason being the role of the deal desk analyst entails so much responsibility within an organization. Deal desk software like Mercero and others is becoming a staple in how non-standard deals are handled. Which means the deal desk analyst role stands to guide the deal desk ship as it charts new territory. The deal desk analyst will be looked to for an abundance of critical insights throughout a company’s sales process. Which makes this role highly sought after and regarded as a vital role to a company.

In summary the deal desk analyst is so highly sought after because it is a role that is helping companies change their mindset, and most importantly helping companies generate lots of revenue quickly. The responsibilities of a deal desk analyst are typically making sure deals are correctly constructed, guiding teams to best pricing to maximize revenue, and addressing the complex details involved in a non-standard contract process to make certain the deal is completed promptly. All while always focusing on improving processes, working with key stakeholders, providing operational support, and detailed execution and strategy breath life’s blood into this role.