Jun 8, 2021

Deal Desk, a Path to Better Results

Companies are implementing deal desk setups like Mercero and they are seeing immediate results. In the words of Robert Frost, this has made all the difference.

In Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” the author paints a picture of two roads. One trampled and downtrodden from travelers before. The other had overgrowth and had not seen many people travel across it. Frost states, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” This passage is fitting when discussing deal desk. There are still lots of sales organizations that believe in the ways of old. In talking with sales teams daily that are using manual processes, sending hundreds of emails to close one complex deal. These same teams are having to sift through those hundreds of emails to pin down the details: making sure the right product(s) are in the deal, the proper discounts are applied, and that they get all needed approvals. This seems like the trampled and downtrodden path. Have companies seen success in doing things this way? Certainly, but how much more success could they see if they did things more efficiently? The path that deal desks open up for companies allows for that increased efficiency. This path is still very new in the sales space, but it is also a proven commodity. Companies have already seen immediate return on their investment in transitioning to a deal desk setup. These companies were courageous enough to venture down a path that many have not traveled yet. They put away the manual processes of the past and trusted software, technology, and automation. These are the major factors in why deal desks are seeing so much success. We will look at these factors and components in greater depth later in this blog series.

Imagine for a moment if you will, that you are a sales representative who has seen much success in their career. You have been with your current company for five years and you are consistently at the top of your sales team’s metrics. The amount of work that it has taken you to get to this point has been grueling. Emails to finance or management teams to get approvals for pricing and discounts. More emails to product teams for updated product information or discussing the communications between the product team and the prospect or customer. Emails to the customer to confirm that the deal is still moving forward, but you must wait for communication from other departments. All the while, you are still waiting for the deal to close to receive your commission. You have been on this path for so long that it is now your normal. Although, this situation is presented in an imaginative way this is the reality for several sales reps around the country. Sales reps have traveled this same path and methodology for years. deal desks have come to the forefront as the best means to get complex deals from quote to close more quickly and efficiently. Streamlining processes with a deal desk can allow sales reps to do what they do best, Close deals!

The new path, the path that more and more companies are starting to travel along, is a much more modernized approach to completing sales that have larger bottom lines. We do not any longer need to imagine what software and technology can do for companies in this space. Mercero has brought to life automation for a team’s entire post-sales process and lifecycle. Teams can communicate inter-departmentally in real time which allows for tasks to be completed immediately or at the very least, more expeditiously. Going from quote to close more quickly, makes for happy sales teams and happy customers alike.

Companies are implementing deal desk setups like Mercero and they are seeing immediate results. In the words of Robert Frost, this has made all the difference.