A World Immersed in E-Commerce

E-Commerce, a word that is commonly used in today’s world, but some people may not know what it entails in totality. Even though consumers are doing online transactions daily the word e-commerce doesn’t always come to mind when making a purchase; however, that is exactly what E-commerce is. People think there’s more to defining e-commerce, but the handling of business online is all there is to it. E-commerce is an ever-growing industry that is shaping economies around the world.

There are three main types of e-commerce business to consumer, business to business, and consumer to consumer. Of these categories some are more well defined than others. Sites like,,, etc. have all mastered the business to consumer e-commerce space. When you’re online making those holiday purchases for your friends and family from your favorite store, you’re moving the meter forward for e-commerce. Even sites like,,, or have defined the consumer-to-consumer online sales space. Ebay is the longest tenured in this space and has had the most success in this realm and has continued to push the ticket for consumer interactions online. With these types of interactions being so well defined one could assume that the same would hold true for business-to-business interactions online. While some sites and companies have mastered these interactions, others have not. What 2020 showed us is that medium to small businesses for the most part had not been engaging in many e-commerce transactions. Companies that were didn’t have defined processes or any process at all for that matter. Manufacturers for example, many of these companies still prefer face to face or telephone interactions. Here at Mercero we learned this firsthand in having conversations with hundreds of teams that work in this field. They have e-commerce sites, but they are more for looks. If they have transactions come through it is usually a one off or just a lucky situation. This is what got the gears turning for Mercero to create a software to better define these business-to-business e-commerce transactions.

Business-to-business sales account for a large chunk of revenue that our economy relies on. When the world stopped briefly, it made companies get creative or they had to return to the drawing board altogether. People were not in their offices, so how can a company that only makes calls to offices continue forward? If you do not have a personal cell for someone, how can you handle business? Some companies made do with email interactions, but these interactions took time lots of time. Beyond back-and-forth emails being time consuming, there is no real way to track the data when you are making sales. All the tracking is done manually which leaves room for errors. There were errors in quoting, invoicing, pricing, and much more. Business-to-business interactions need to be better handled and more defined as the world continues to move online. Mercero is a company that is helping do just that. With the world’s first deal desk software it makes the business-to-business e-commerce experience more streamlined and efficient. With these enhancements to online business-to-business transactions companies that were once apprehensive about handling the bulk of their business online can find peace of mind with deal desk software. Taking away the manual processes that are and have been involved in these interactions gives companies the ability to do more. Shouldn’t ever company be excited about the ability to do more? Automation of processes allows people at companies to handle the mental, and emotional components of sales interactions. Sales people are free to do what they are best at, and it is pushing e-commerce to a new and better place.